Live Webinar

Breaking Down AI Capabilities for IT: What to Know About Optimization

Hear from an IT Director about the technical requirements and major considerations for deploying optimization in your computing environment.

Oct. 31 • 11 a.m. ET • Cost: Complimentary

About the webinar

Let’s say one of your business units wants to use AI. How do you support their growth, while also accounting for the ripple effect it could have rest of your IT ecosystem?

Take optimization. It’s an AI capability where models are built to calculate the best outcomes based on the available resources and the constraints defining the range of possibilities.

For example, this could help marketing know which customers are most likely to respond to campaigns. Or enable finance to know the right warranty terms to set based on operations’ production parameters.

With the right insights, IT can plan for and accommodate successful optimization.

Join us as we discuss:

  • Examples of optimization being used today.
  • The typical technical requirements of AI software for optimization.
  • How those requirements affect issues for IT, such as: computing policies, processes, staffing and training, data management, privacy and security, accommodating open source software and cloud-based solutions in your stack.

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About the Experts

Jennifer Nenadic , Director of Enterprise Data and Analytics in IT, SAS

With a background in data management and analytics, Jennifer Nenadic has aided SAS’ leaders and external customers in strengthening their business by strategically transforming their current systems into intelligence-generating solutions using advanced analytics techniques and data management best practices. Nenadic has worked with clients across various industries to find creative designs and solutions to meet their evolving business needs. She holds bachelor’s degrees in computer science and textile engineering as well as a master’s degree in advanced analytics from North Carolina State University.  

Ed Hughes, Product Manager, SAS Optimization

Ed Hughes is the Product Manager for SAS/OR®, which includes software for optimization, simulation, scheduling and other operations research analytic methods. He works closely with SAS/OR R&D to guide software development and also works regularly with our customers and salespeople to determine how SAS® and SAS/OR can best address their needs. Hughes has worked for SAS and been involved with SAS/OR since 1986. He has an MS in operations research from UNC-Chapel Hill and a BA in mathematics from Franklin & Marshall College.