On-Demand Webinar

Predicting Customer Value Using Advanced Analytics

Learn how advanced analytics and predictive models give you a clear view of your customer’s lifetime value.


About the webinar

Understanding the factors that drive customer lifetime value (CLV) leads to more effective marketing, acquisition, retention and revenue forecasting.

The best CLV models go beyond simply describing the value of your current customers. They predict the future value of prospects and customers.

In this webinar, we’ll present an overview of the data and analytic models required to set up a CLV framework.

Join this webinar as we share best practices for:

  • Building interactive reports in SAS® Visual Analytics to show CLV.
  • Building accurate predictive models for CLV.
  • Deploying models using a web application.

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About the Expert

Andrew Christian, Principal Data Scientist, SAS Artificial Intelligence Practice

Andrew Christian is a Principal Solutions Architect within SAS’ Artificial Intelligence Technology Practice. He has been artificially intelligent since joining SAS six years ago. In the 20 years prior to SAS, he mined data and taught machines at companies such as AT&T, Bellsouth, Cox Communications and Sprint. Christian is based in Atlanta, where he attended the Georgia Institute of Technology, earning a bachelor’s in industrial engineering and a master’s in statistics.