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Finding your friendly fraudsters with Procurement Integrity solutions

An insightful discussion on the procurement fraud challenge, and helpful tools to tackle it within your business

About the webinar

Amid the supply chain upheaval of the last 12 months, procurement fraudsters have taken advantage of the opportunity to send invoices for goods that were never ordered or services that were never delivered. In some cases, insider collusion has flourished and allowed fraudsters to gain access to your organization’s internal systems. They set up fictitious suppliers or put 'ghost' employees on your payroll.  When this happens, businesses can unknowingly give those 'fictitious suppliers' contracts. 

How you can make better use of your organization's data to ensure you never get caught out by this type of business attack?

Butterfly data and SAS will share key insights from their toolkit on how SAS software can combat and help defeat procurement fraud.   

Learning points:

  1. Audit your procurement process and combine data from multiple systems to cross check total values
  2. Improve your investigation and analysis pipelines by automating data integrations and minimizing false positives
  3. Monitor your systems to quickly identify new threats and proactively prevent losses 

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"Did you know, procurement fraud is the number #2 economic crime on the planet! "

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Enjoy a digital, complimentary copy from SAS and Butterfly Data.  Download “Targeting waste and abuse with SAS® Continuous Monitoring” to discover suspicious activities and reduce your shrinkage.

About the Experts

Sara Boltman
Butterfly Data

Sara Boltman is the founder of Butterfly Data and has spent her career in the UK  helping organizations extract value from their data using SAS. She is a certified cloud solution architect and machine learning specialist with a real enthusiasm for the speed and agility achieved when running analytics in the cloud. She loves exploring data, finding patterns and trends, building models and improving processes.

Wesley Girdharry
Senior Solutions Specialist – SAS Customer Advisory, Fraud & Security Intelligence Division

With over 15 years in the industry, Wesley’s focus is on leveraging technology to solve business problems for customers particularly in the fields of fraud, regulatory compliance, and continuous monitoring. He works primarily with customers in Financial Services and Government including Healthcare and Public Safety/Security and Retail. Using Advanced Analytics with AI and ML, he helps customers design and implement solutions that leverage data improving their efficiency and effectiveness.

After beginning his career as a solutions architect building solutions in the healthcare field, he then spent 8 years in technical consulting designing, leading, and working on large scale implementations of enterprise solutions. During his time at SAS he has designed and implemented solutions for typologies such as procurement fraud, application fraud, benefits fraud, insurance fraud, insider threat, anti-money laundering, customer due diligence, intelligence gathering, and law enforcement.