On-Demand Webinar

Experience 2030: Future-Proof Your Customer Strategy

What will the future of customer experience look like? How will technology change the way we engage with content, customers, brands and each other?

About the webinar

AI, IoT, smart devices, drones, virtual and augmented reality – we don’t have a crystal ball to say exactly what the future will look like. But we do have the next best thing: data.

Experience 2030 is the result of an ambitious, yearlong collaboration between Futurum Research and SAS.

We used a plethora of industry, market and consumer data and spoke to 4,000 consumers, executives, marketers and tech experts to uncover the trends shaping customer experience today and 10 years from now.

Join us for this webcast as we explore:

  • Understanding today’s and tomorrow’s digital consumers.
  • Using immersive technology to bridge the CX divide.
  • How technology can build trust.
  • Driving customer loyalty in the digital age.

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About the Experts

Daniel Newman, Principal Analyst and Founding Partner, Futurum Research

Wilson Raj, Global Head, CI Product Marketing, SAS