On-Demand Webinar

CX to the Power of AI: How to Use AI for Maximum Loyalty

Learn how AI can help marketers create more personalized digital experiences, reduce churn and quickly capitalize on upsell opportunities.

About the webinar

Every brand today is looking for ways to navigate uncertainty and meet higher consumer expectations. Is AI the key?

According to our Experience 2030 global research study, 62% of brands are investing in voice-based AI for customer support. Another 27% believe that AI, machine learning and predictive analytics will be among the top technology drivers of loyalty by 2030.

Are they on the right path? And how do you thoughtfully and confidently harness the power of AI? Let’s find out.

Join us for this webinar as we discuss:

  • When AI is the right solution.
  • The type of AI that works best for improving CX.
  • Case studies of how AI is used to create contextualized, meaningful interactions.

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About the Experts

Wilson Raj
Global Director of Customer Intelligence, SAS

David Tareen
Director, Product Marketing, SAS

Adrian Carr
Head of Marketing AI and Decision Science, SAS