On Demand Webinar

How Customer Insights, Decisioning and AI
Improve Digital Transformation

About the webinar

In the fourth and final webinar of this series, we will demonstrate how SAS helps organizations successfully achieve truly effective marketing
campaigns personalized to individual customers. SAS accomplishes this goal by implementing the
three key pillars in a unified manner. By leveraging
a modular approach, SAS allows organizations to achieve quicker time-to-value while leveraging the benefits of hybrid data. 

Join us as we present a personalized customer
experience across multiple channels leveraging
real-time artificial intelligence.

In order for your organization to successfully create a truly personalized customer experience, the following three key pillars need to be addressed: 

  • Artificial intelligence to drive true customer insight
  • Delivering personalized marketing to each individual customer
  • Mastering customer decisioning 

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About the Experts

Philippe Darvasi
Customer Intelligence Solution Specialist,

With a background in engineering and communication, Philippe is fascinated by the intersection of data and people. As the Customer Intelligence Solutions Architect for SAS Canada, he helps companies optimize customer relationships via actionable analytics. Philippe specializes in applying insights from advanced analytic techniques to produce concrete interactions with clients. In essence, he develops the best combination of technology and solutions to foster growth, and expand a loyal customer base.