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AI Will Power CX in the World After COVID-19

About the webinar

The world of business is undergoing one of the most profound transformations of the last century. The disruption of COVID-19 creates an extraordinary marketplace, where 90 per cent of the interactions a brand has with its consumers and customers are through digital channels. 

While COVID-19 will eventually pass and consumers will once again be free to operate more in the physical world, the relationship with the consumer will likely be altered forever. Successful companies will be those who learn more about their customers in that time than their competitors. And the most successful organizations will be those who turn those customer insights into action and those actions into long term relationships. Technologies like sophisticated data, analytics and AI will be critical to success. 

The webinar will look at the role of AI in CX in the current, almost entirely digital marketplace and will explore: 

  • How AI-derived customer insights are key to unlocking your customer’s experience 
  • How to make decisions faster and better with Artificial Intelligence
  • Why customer data and insights do not transform your CX, decisions do 
  • How technology can improve the future of CX 

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About the Experts

Philippe Darvasi
Solutions Specialist - Data Science, SAS

With a background in engineering and communication, Philippe is fascinated by the intersection of data and people. As the Customer Intelligence Solutions Architect for SAS Canada, he helps companies optimize customer relationships via actionable analytics. Philippe specializes in applying insights from advanced analytic techniques to produce concrete interactions with clients. In essence, he develops the best combination of technology and solutions to foster growth, and expand a loyal customer base.

Sara Boltman
Butterfly Data

Sara Boltman is the founder of Butterfly Data and has spent her career in the UK  helping organizations extract value from their data using SAS. She is a certified cloud solution architect and machine learning specialist with a real enthusiasm for the speed and agility achieved when running analytics in the cloud. She loves exploring data, finding patterns and trends, building models and improving processes.