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Importance of Data Communities - Join us on our Journey

About the webinar

Building a strong, active and inclusive data community, will aid a company’s data strategy, improve data literacy for all and leap into a data-enabled future.

In this webinar discussion, Jack Liu will highlight the current trends and challenges as well as share Bupa’s journey on community building.

Why attend?

  • Hear about current trends and challenges which highlights the importance of data communities
  • Learn about Bupa’s community building journey and the benefits derived

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About the Experts

Jack Liu
Operational Performance & Integration Manager, BUPA

Jack Liu is the Operational Performance and Integration Manager at Bupa Asia Pacific. Arriving in Australia in 2007 as an international student, Jack studied at Griffith University on the Gold Coast majoring in Hotel Management. Post his days working in the hospitality industry, Jack has spent the last seven years at Bupa developing himself into a data citizen of the future, such experience has taught him to look at the world of data from a slightly different point of view.

Jack is one of the funding members of Bupa Asia Pacific’s own data community, the Edison Data Community since its establishment in June 2021. One of the key highlights of the community since then has been the Data Academy offered to enhance the analytics knowledge and skillset of Bupa people. Jack has graduated from the first ever Data Academy 12-week program in 2021 and has been a mentor of the program ever since.   

Joe Chea (Host)
Senior Customer Success Manager, SAS

Joe is an Organisational Psychologist with over 15 years professional experience across data science, customer and marketing analytics, market research and operational excellence, including change management. Joe has consulted across a range of industries including financial services, telecommunications, hospitality, transport and logistics and government. Prior to joining SAS, Joe led NAB Marketing’s Performance Analytics team and was a Data Scientist at ANZ.