The Real-Time and Predictive Commerce Playbook for CMOs

White Paper

The Real-Time and Predictive Commerce Playbook for CMOs

The next generation of winning shopper experiences starts with personalization and predictive engagement

In this era of digital Darwinism, customer behaviors, expectations and demands have advanced to never-before-seen levels. And startups are forcing traditional retail and even e-commerce businesses to deliver for their customers – whatever they want, whenever they want and however they want it.

This report, sponsored by SAS in partnership with customer experience and retail expert/thought leader Brian Solis, presents retail marketing leaders with a playbook of strategies, tools and analytical solutions they'll need to compete (and win) on customer experience.

Learn how the shift toward real-time and predictive analytics is empowering retailers to take control of their destinies. Understand why it takes a customer-centered mindset, approach and culture to support rapid experimentation and adaptation. And uncover the top 10 actions you should take to become a successful retailer in the age of digital Darwinism.