Faces of Fraud


Faces of Fraud

Consumer experiences with fraud and what it means for businesses

How is rampant digital fraud affecting customer experience? And how is it reshaping consumer sentiment about anti-fraud protections and the technologies that power them? Our Faces of Fraud study is based on a global survey of 13,500 consumers in 16 countries. Among the survey respondents:

  • 70% have fallen victim to fraud at least once; 40% experienced fraud twice or more.
  • Nine in 10 believe organizations should be doing more to protect them from fraud.
  • Two-thirds would switch providers due to a fraud experience or if another provider offers better safeguards.

Consumers’ shifting attitudes underscore the importance of robust fraud defenses. The silver lining for businesses? The research revealed that most customers are willing to sacrifice some convenience for stronger safeguards, including accepting more checks and delays in transactions, sharing more personal data and embracing advanced technologies like biometrics.

Download the e-book to explore the findings and learn how strong, AI-enabled fraud detection can help businesses rise to their customers’ expectations and gain a competitive edge.