Save up to 30% with SAS® Training Points

Looking for a flexible way to get discounts on SAS training? SAS Training Points allow your organization to purchase training at a significant discount. One point is equal to one training dollar, so a course that costs $1,500 will cost 1,500 points.


Prepay this amountGet this many SAS Training PointsPrice per pointSavingsGet this much extra to spend!Purchase
Prepay this amount NT$238,000SAS Training Points 251,000Price per point NT$0.95Savings 5%Extra to spend NT$13,000Contact us
Prepay this amount NT$461,000SAS Training Points 512,000Price per point NT$0.90Savings 10%Extra to spend NT$51,000Contact us
Prepay this amount NT$896,300SAS Training Points 1031,000Price per point NT$0.87Savings 13%Extra to spend NT$135,000Contact us
Prepay this amount NT$1,272,000SAS Training Points 1,514,000Price per point NT$0.84Savings 16%Extra to spend NT$242,000Contact us
Prepay this amount NT$1,639,000SAS Training Points 2,048,000Price per point NT$0.80Savings 20%Extra to spend NT$409,000Contact us
Prepay this amount NT$2,048,000SAS Training Points 2,663,000Price per point NT$0.77Savings 23%Extra to spend NT$615,000Contact us
Prepay this amount NT$4,267,000SAS Training Points 5,770,000Price per point NT$0.74Savings 26%Extra to spend NT$1,503,000Contact us
Prepay this amount NT$5,974,000SAS Training Points 8,535,000Price per point NT$0.70Savings 30%Extra to spend NT$2,561,000Contact us