Increase data utility for better security outcomes.  

How SAS® Delivers Cybersecurity Solutions

Understand your organization’s overall security posture. Identify indicators of attack (IoAs) before they become indicators of compromise (IoCs). And cover more areas with existing staff without increasing chaos with security analytics from SAS.

Understand your network

Track your evolving network risk through device inventory. Ongoing profiling shows devices currently online, devices with incomplete profiles and never-before-seen devices – so you can quickly pinpoint rogue assets.

Drive efficiency  

Eliminate manually intensive detection processes with embedded AI and machine learning techniques combined with traditional detection methods. Focus investigations and spend more time responding to security events instead of wrangling security data.

Simplify your security infrastructure

SAS helps you consolidate and standardize your security data and analytic capabilities in a single security architecture. From data management to threat detection, hunting, modeling and visualization, SAS delivers easy-to-understand and actionable security insights for your environment.

Orchestrate data effectively

Remove the data silos created by existing security solutions. Amplify data through context to feed a continuous, 360-degree picture of your organization’s security risks. You no longer have to worry about data wasting away in a data lake.

Why SAS® for cybersecurity?

Partner with the data & analytics authority

We have a proven history of addressing the most difficult data challenges with analytics across a variety of industries. SAS is the recognized leader in AI and machine learning. And we continually apply our expertise to increase the value of your data.

Get unmatched data processing capabilities

We can handle your data, whether it's available in real time or in batch. SAS uses a variety of technologies – including in-stream data enrichment and in-memory analytics – to easily scale to your security data volume.

Transform with an analytics-first approach

We understand that a successful analytics culture requires a complete process that supports data, discovery and deployment of analytics into action. SAS can show you how to ask the right questions, find the right answers and take that important next step.


    Stay flexible with implementation choices

    Multiple deployment options give you financial and operational choices over your investment. Have SAS host your software, deploy it at your site or go with a hybrid approach.

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