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職場創新者 SAS 持續獲選為全球最佳工作場所!

支持員工且鼓勵創新:分析領導廠商 SAS 企業文化獲評世界一流

As a world-class workplace that attracts top technology talent, SAS knows the importance of inspiring employees through its innovative, supportive culture and thoughtful work/life integration. The analytics leader once again ranked in the top 10 of the 2020 World’s Best WorkplacesTM by Great Place to Work® and Fortune – a constant on the list for a decade. Selected out of over 10,000 organizations that participated in the survey process and representing feedback from 10.2 million employees in 92 countries, SAS stood out for creating globally exceptional employee experiences, high-trust relationships, and workplaces that are fair and equal.

At a time when companies truly understand the gravity of supporting employees, SAS continues to be a trailblazer in the area of work/life integration, having set the standard for creating an environment that encourages innovation while providing motivating and challenging work. As a result, employees are inspired to develop and produce technology and services that not only help solve critical business challenges but also address humanitarian issues. In fact in response to the pandemic, SAS and its employees turned to the power of analytics to fight the coronavirus outbreak, finding ways to help the community and customers improve health, save lives and manage the spread. These efforts didn’t go unnoticed: SAS was also recently acknowledged as a Best Workplace for Innovators and one of People magazine’s Companies That Care.

“By offering a supportive environment and a culture of trust, employees thrive and stay engaged with meaningful work that makes a difference in the world,” said SAS CEO Jim Goodnight. “When the pandemic struck, we not only transitioned quickly to a safe remote-work posture, but we also created opportunities across the company to work on this critical problem.”

SAS is well-known for encouraging employees to balance work and life through an array of programs and amenities such as on-site counselors, exceptional health care and fitness benefits, generous time off and flexible work options. SAS has continued these traditions by implementing virtual offerings of all these amenities and more to offer employees support ranging from career development and college planning to mental health and physical well-being.

SAS has been among the top workplaces in a number of countries, including: Australia, Austria, Canada, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, India, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Switzerland, the Netherlands, the UK, the United Arab Emirates and the US. In addition, this year SAS was recognized as a Best Workplace across Asia and Europe.

“These organizations not only have succeeded at creating a high-trust, inclusive, global culture, they have met the historic challenges of the past year with inspiring, deeply human responses,” said Michael Bush, CEO at Great Place to Work. “In the worst of times, the World’s Best have given us hope for a better future.”

Great Place to Work identifies the top organizations that create great workplaces around the world with the publication of the annual World's Best Workplaces list. To be eligible for the list, a company must be named to five or more national Best Workplaces™ lists across Great Place to Work’s global offices, have 5,000 employees or more worldwide, and at least 40% of the company's workforce (or 5,000 employees) must be based outside of the country in which the company is headquartered. Companies also receive additional credit for their efforts to successfully create an excellent workplace culture in their worldwide locations. Candidates for this year's list will have appeared on national workplace lists published in 2019 and 2020.

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About Great Place to Work

Great Place to Work is the global authority on workplace culture. Since 1992, they have surveyed more than 100 million employees around the world and used those deep insights to define what makes a great workplace: trust.

Great Place to Work helps organizations quantify their culture and produce better business results by creating a high-trust work experience for all employees. Everything they do is driven by the mission to build a better world by helping every organization become a Great Place to Work For All™.

作為頂尖科技人才夢寐以求的公司,SAS 深知企業必須營造鼓勵創新的文化,並平衡工作與生活的需求,才能激勵員工投入職場。在 Great Place to Work® and Fortune 所發表的 2020 年《World’s Best WorkplacesTM》 評比中,分析領導廠商 SAS 再度蟬聯全球前十,且已連續十年進榜。這項排名評比超過一萬家機構,蒐集來自 92 國總共 1,200 萬名員工的回饋。SAS 以塑造全球卓越的工作體驗,與員工間的高度信任關係,以及提供公正、平等的工作環境脫穎而出。

在這個更需要支持員工的時機, SAS 持續扮演平衡工作與生活的先驅,不僅鼓勵員工創新,同時賦予極具挑戰且振奮人心的任務,樹立健康職場文化的全新標竿。因此,我們鼓勵員工開發並推出科技和服務,不僅著眼於重大商業挑戰,更要解決人道問題。面對疫情衝擊,SAS 善用分析的力量對抗新冠肺炎,尋求解決方案確保社會及客戶增進健康、拯救生命,並且防止疫情擴散。皇天不負苦心人:最近 SAS 獲肯定為「創新者首選工作場所」(Best Workplace for Innovators) 以及《People》雜誌評選的「關懷企業」(Companies That Care) 之一。

SAS 執行長 Jim Goodnight 表示:「只要企業提供支持性的環境,培養員工信任,員工便能茁壯成長,全心投入工作並改變世界。」「疫情爆發後,我們不僅迅速改採線上工作模式以確保員工安全,更在全公司上下創造各種機會,力求解決這項重大的問題。」

SAS 為員工安排各種活動、提供諮商服務、醫療服務和健身設施,充裕的休息時間和彈性的工作選擇等,鼓勵員工在工作與生活間取得平衡。SAS 延續傳統,改為以線上形式提供所有福利及更多員工支援措施,包括職涯發展、高等教育規畫、身心健康等。

SAS 在許多國家的營運據點皆獲選為最佳工作場所,包含:澳洲、奧地利、加拿大、芬蘭、法國、德國、印度、愛爾蘭、義大利、日本、荷蘭、挪威、波蘭、葡萄牙、西班牙、瑞士、荷蘭、美英國、阿拉伯聯合大公國及美國。此外,SAS 更在今年榮獲亞洲及歐洲的最佳企業雇主。

Great Place to Work 首席執行長麥可‧布希 (Michael Bush) 表示:「這些入榜的企業不僅成功培養與員工間的高度信任,創造多元文化包容的環境,以既激勵人心且深入人性的方式迎接去年的多重考驗。」「在最黯淡的時刻,這些公司如同明燈,點燃未來的希望。」

Great Place to Work 組織發表年度全球最佳企業雇主名單,列出世界致力於提供優質工作環境的頂尖企業。上榜資格如下:企業必須經由 Great Place to Work 各區辦事處提名為 Best Workplaces™ 至少五次、企業在全球需聘雇超過 5,000 名員工,至少 40% 的員工(或五千人)需在公司總部以外的辦事處任職。企業可在各國營造卓越的工作場所文化,以獲得額外的加分。今年的全球候選企業皆獲選為 2019 及 2020 年各國最佳雇主。

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關於 Great Place to Work

Great Place to Work 是全球權威機構。從 1992 年起,Great Place to Work 已調查超過全球一億名員工,並且深入分析這些資訊來了解如何打造優質的工作環境。信任 Great Place to Work 協助組織以計量方式瞭解自身企業文化,創造高度信任的工作環境,進而提升業績表現;旨在幫助企業成為 Great Place to Work For All™ (適合所有人的優質工作場所),實現一個更美好的世界。



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