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Six Shortcuts to a Successful Campaign
Using SAS®

Join SAS Senior Solutions Architect Pamela Dixon as she shares six shortcuts to achieving long-term solutions to customer intelligence. After watching, you’ll know how to create campaigns by identifying and targeting your best customers.

Highlighting the benefits and capabilities of SAS® Marketing Automation and SAS Marketing Optimization, this webinar will teach you tips, processes and theory about:

  • Identifying customer segments in your target audience.
  • Knowing who the optimal customers are.
  • Determining what promotions work best.
  • Selecting the best media channel to market to your audience.


Pamela Dixon, Senior Solutions Architect for Customer Intelligence Solutions, SAS Professional Services and Delivery

With more than 10 years at SAS, Dixon is responsible for providing strategic business and client application consulting to support complex marketing automation implementations and CRM solutions. With more than 15 years of database marketing experience, she is a DMA Certified Marketing Professional with experience and expertise in the domains of retail, health care, financial services, grocery and publishing, hotel and casino, education, entertainment and telecommunications.

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