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Hadoop continues as a central player for big data in the enterprise. It provides a natural platform on which enterprise IT can apply data science to a wide variety of business problems – product recommendation, predictive analytics, sentiment analysis and more.

This joint SAS and Hortonworks on-demand webinar describes how you can use SAS In-Memory Statistics for Hadoop and SAS Visual Analytics with Hortonworks Data Platform (HDP).

You’ll learn how to glean big data insights and redefine how your organization can solve complex data science problems.

We’ll discuss:

  • Trends, drivers and benefits of using big data for data scientists.
  • Best practices on how Hadoop and SAS advanced analytics help data scientists work with big data.
  • How data scientists can prepare, process, explore and model multiple scenarios using huge data volumes.


          Ofer Mendelevitch

          Ofer Mendelevitch, Director of Data Sciences, Hortonworks

          Wayne Thompson

          Wayne Thompson, Chief Data Scientist, SAS


          Presented with:


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