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Analytics to Fight Tax Fraud

Federal, state and local tax agencies are always working to improve fraud detection efforts, but too many false positives can waste resources too.

While identity theft is tax agencies’ primary challenge, other pressing issues include aging systems, lack of reporting and difficulties determining taxpayer noncompliance.

Luckily, advanced analytics can help these agencies deter, uncover and deal with tax fraud.

This on-demand webinar features Deborah Pianko, Principal Architect of Government and Health Care Fraud Solutions at SAS; and Robert Morison, Lead Faculty Member at the International Institute for Analytics. In it, you’ll learn:

  • How some tax agencies are getting ahead of the curve in using advanced analytics to detect fraud.
  • Which challenges and success factors tax agencies must consider when using analytics for fraud detection.
  • How fraud prevention approaches and technologies have changed over time – and how they’re trending today.

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