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Data Management for Visual Analytics

What if instead of putting most of your efforts into prepping data, you could spend that time seeing the results and acting on them?

SAS® Visual Analytics provides smart, interactive and accessible answers to all users, but a proper data preparation tool is critical to fully realize its benefits. That’s how you can go from spending 80 percent of your time on data prep to spending that 80 percent actually solving your business problem.

Watch this webinar to see why there’s no better option than SAS Data Management to prepare your data for SAS Visual Analytics.

You’ll learn about the end-to-end and cost-effective advantages of this combination, including:

  • Fully realizing the benefits of data visualization.
  • Consistent architecture and technology.
  • Preventing ineffective data exploration, misinterpretations and ultimately bad business decisions.
  • Marginal cost for enterprise-grade data preparation.

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