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Got data? In this day and age, of course you do. Reams of data on how your customers interact with your brand through various channels, from your physical store to your website’s landing page and many other touch points, both offline and online.

But how do you effectively turn this data into insight, and create customer value and profit from it?

Register now for this webinar and learn how, by mastering customer analytics, you can gain the insight needed to make better purchasing and marketing decisions, and watch your sales and profits skyrocket.

Hear proven advice on how to:

  • Deepen your understanding of what leads your customers to shop and buy.
  • Effectively track all the touchpoints of your customers’ interaction with your brand.
  • Fully use the power of your own customer data to drive sales and profits.


Don Davis
Editor-in-Chief, Internet Retailer

Omer Minkara
Research Director, Contact Center and Customer Experience Management, Aberdeen Group

Chuck Chapek
CRM, Omnichannel Marketing and Customer Analytics Thought Leader

Saurabh Gupta
Director, Retail Product Management, SAS

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