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The promise of low-cost, high-availability storage and processing power has drawn many organizations to Hadoop. Yet for many, a central question remains: How can Hadoop help us with big data and analytics?

Sponsored by the International Institute for Analytics (IIA) and SAS, this on-demand webinar shares research findings regarding the current state of Hadoop within the marketplace.

You’ll learn:

  • Reasons driving companies to use Hadoop.
  • Examples of what Hadoop can – and can’t – do.
  • How Hadoop relates to the enterprise data warehouse structure.
  • Who benefits most from Hadoop, and what benefits it can deliver.
  • Ways that data integration, data discovery and analytics add value on Hadoop.

Presented by:

Jack Phillips
, founder and CEO, International Institute for Analytics (IIA)

Tapan Patel
, Product Marketing Manager, SAS

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