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It’s no secret. The energy industry is facing a brain drain. The great crew change means baby boomers are retiring from the energy industry in droves – and taking their knowledge with them.

Register now to watch this webinar, Brian Drain: How Analytics Can Bridge the Big Crew Change Gap -- and find out how to capture baby boomers’ experience and convert it to predictive models that tomorrow’s workers can use to enhance their business.

Meet the Speakers

Keith Holdaway

Keith R. Holdaway, Oil and Gas Domain Expert in the SAS Global Energy Practice, joined SAS in 1997 after nearly 20 years at Shell, BP and two geophysical services companies, including a decade in the Middle East.

Moray Laing

Moray Laing, Executive Lead for SAS Oil and Gas US, joined SAS in 2013 after 24 years in product development and operations roles in drilling, completions and production at Baker Hughes.

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