Meet diverse business needs with a comprehensive, scalable analytics environment that's quick and easy to deploy.

Self-service data mining, AI and machine learning capabilities for quickly solving complex problems. And a flexible, centralized analytics environment that spans the analytics life cycle – from data, to discovery, to deployment.

Market-leading data mining, AI & machine learning

Integrates advances in AI and machine learning, enabling you to solve complex analytical problems quickly and easily.  

Open source integration

Lets you benefit from the computational power of the SAS Platform using your preferred programming language. Provides open source integration with R and Python models and supports notebooks and programming for multiple languages.

Single, cohesive analytics environment

Boosts productivity and efficiency, letting you govern both SAS and open source technology analytics with one cohesive analytics environment.

Self-service data preparation

Includes interactive, self-service data preparation capabilities so users can access, blend, shape and cleanse data to prepare it for reporting or analytics.

Visual data exploration & insights development

Provides an integrated environment for governed and self-service data discovery and exploration, accommodating users of all skill levels.   

Minimized data movement

Embeds analytics to run wherever needed – in database, in Hadoop, in cloud, in memory or in stream.

Streamlined model deployment

Streamlines model creation, management, administration, deployment and monitoring. Minimizes code rewrites for different data types, speeds, platforms, infrastructures or cloud providers with portable analytics assets optimized for any processing environment.

Flexible deployment options

Enables you to deploy on-site or in the cloud to meet the demands of current and future IT architectures.

Maximize the value of analytics and reporting and meet diverse needs across your insights-driven organization.

SAS Unified Insights MM showing model pipeline on desktop monitor

Expand analytics access, eliminate silos and foster seamless collaboration across teams.  

Interactive, self-service data preparation and a single, collaborative data mining and machine learning environment puts powerful SAS analytics and visualization capabilities in the hands of users of all skill levels via a visual point-and-click interface. SAS Unified Insights MM also supports multiple programming languages and provides open source integration with R, Python, Java and Lua models. Analysts can use their preferred programming language to access the computational power of the SAS Platform. The solution also enables access to analytics and reports through mobile devices.

Establish effective governance across data access, analytics, reporting and model deployment.

SAS Unified Insights MM provides web-based, centralized administration and monitoring of your entire analytics platform, enabling tight integration between analytics, data preparation and governance. The solution's integrated, bimodal environment enables both governed and self-service discovery and exploration. Users can easily create, publish and manage business rules from one place with governance capabilities that include reviews, approvals, versioning, history, etc. The solution streamlines the process of creating, managing, administering, deploying and monitoring your organization's analytical models while ensuring full auditability and regulatory compliance.

SAS Unified Insights MM showing Python open source node on desktop monitor
SAS Unified Insights MM showing interactive neural network on desktop monitor

Free up resources with scalable, automated and repeatable processes.

SAS Unified Insights MM streamlines data preparation with native access engines, integrated data quality and data preparation tools that use AI to automate time-consuming tasks, making it easy to create and monitor high-quality data that's analytics-ready. The solution provides a framework for model registration, validation, monitoring and retraining while ensuring auditability and regulatory compliance. Whether you're building a single model or thousands, robust model management capabilities enable you to move quickly from creating a model, to assessing candidate models and identifying the champion model, to deploying it in just a few clicks.    

SAS Viya


这款最新推出的解决方案在现代开放式平台SAS Viya上运行,可在广度和深度两方面轻松应对任何分析方面的挑战。SAS Viya是一个基于云平台的统一环境,可以被数据科学家、业务分析师、应用程序开发人员和管理人员等使用。它具有稳定可靠、可扩展、安全管理管控等一系列敏捷IT所必需的特性。全球分析领域领导者 — SAS满足您对系统性能的要求。

What People Are Saying

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Forrester named SAS a Leader in The Forrester Wave: Enterprise Insight Platforms, Q1 2019.

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Gartner named SAS a Leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Data Science and Machine Learning Platforms 2019.

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Forrester named SAS a Leader in The Forrester Wave: Multimodal Predictive Analytics and Machine Learning Solutions, Q3 2018.

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