Respecting everyone's value

Today, it’s imperative to understand how to thrive in a global, multigenerational workforce. For the first time in history, there are five generations working together. And each generation brings its own value and unique perspective. When we learn to use and respect the knowledge, skills and experience of each generation – whether you’re a seasoned professional or early in your career – it helps the organization succeed and flourish.  

Multigenerational Training

Our training program, based on books written by international author Chip Espinoza, PhD, includes workshops, e-learning and videos that help every generation better understand the dynamics at play in a multigenerational workforce. Learning outcomes include:

  • Understanding a theoretical framework for thinking about what it means to have multiple generations at work.
  • Developing competencies critical to managing today's workforce.
  • Addressing challenges early career talent may face.
  • Overcoming personal and organizational bias.
  • Working most effectively cross-generationally.

Engaging and Developing Early Career Employees

At SAS, more than 25 percent of our workforce are millennials. And we’re committed to supporting our young professionals with unique resources. From seminars to professional development, we believe in providing resources that help employees balance their career and personal life.

The Young Professionals Network (YPN) was created by SAS employees and provides ongoing opportunities for development, community volunteerism and social networking. Activities include:

  • Coffee and conversations with leaders.
  • Monthly networking luncheons.
  • Volunteer community service events.
  • Professional development courses. 
  • Journeys at SAS internal mobility event.
  • Personal goal setting group.
  • Career development book club.
  • YPN parents group.

Work/Life Resources

We want our employees to enjoy their life at work as much as they enjoy life outside of work. That’s why we have a dedicated Work/Life department that focuses on supporting employees at all levels of their professional and personal stages of life.

SAS has Work/Life staff and resources specifically dedicated to helping young professionals, aiding new families, navigating college prep, assisting with eldercare and everything else in between. Seminars, workshops, e-learning, individual assessments and more help employees from all generations find their unique balance.

25th Anniversary Celebration

We’re fortunate to have employees who believe in the work we do, and have dedicated their careers to SAS. When an employee celebrates 25 years with us that means it’s time to celebrate. In honor of our employees who have been with us for so many years serving as experts in their respective fields, we celebrate their anniversary date. 

My involvement with the Young Professionals Network has helped me grow my career and provided me with unique and challenging opportunities to build meaningful relationships across the company.

Pauline Ashcraft

Sr. Associate Business Operations Specialist, SAS

The SAS Young Professionals Network hosts a career event at SAS global headquarters with about 250 employees from various organizations in the Research Triangle Park area for a fun evening of networking and learning about career journeys. 

Whether you’re a recent grad or experienced professional, we want you to feel supported with opportunities to grow and be successful. Jenn Mann Executive Vice President and Chief Human Resources Officer