Save up to 20% with SAS® Training Points

Looking for a flexible way to get discounts on SAS training? SAS Training Points allow your organization to purchase training at a significant discount.

Prepay this amountGet this many SAS Training PointsPrice per pointSavingsGet this much extra to spend!Purchase
Prepay this amount 29,900 TRYSAS Training Points 31,600Price per point 0.95 TRYSavings 5%Extra to spend 1,700 TRYContact Us
Prepay this amount 58,000 TRYSAS Training Points 64,400Price per point 0.90 TRYSavings 10%Extra to spend 6,400 TRYContact Us
Prepay this amount 112,800 TRYSAS Training Points 129,700Price per point 0.87 TRYSavings 13%Extra to spend16,900 TRYContact Us
Prepay this amount 160,000 TRYSAS Training Points 190,500Price per point 0.84 TRYSavings 16%Extra to spend 30,500 TRYContact Us
Prepay this amount 206,200 TRYSAS Training Points 257,700Price per point 0.80 TRYSavings 20%Extra to spend 51,500 TRYContact Us