SAS® Revenue Optimization Suite Features

SAS® Regular Price Optimization

Provides support for managing a regular price strategy and for optimally setting everyday prices on both existing and new products.

  • Implement pricing at any level – store, zone or market – with flexible business hierarchy settings.
  • Leverage powerful what-if scenarios to model, evaluate and select pricing strategies that deliver the highest margins.
  • Establish business rules to automate pricing recommendations, increasing productivity and creating time to focus on new profit opportunities.

SAS® Promotion Optimization

Provides support for managing the promotion planning process and optimally selecting products and/or prices to fill spots in marketing content.

  • Optimize promotions based on consumer demand at the store/SKU level to create the most effective and compelling offers for your customers.
  • Get a detailed view of elasticity and cross-category effects to better maintain price image and corporate goals for sales and margins.
  • Account for seasonality, shifting holiday dates and promotional variations with advanced analytics that are capable of forecasting complex scenarios.

SAS® Markdown Optimization

Provides support for managing optimal price and markdown cadence in an end-of-life or clearance cycle.

  • Effectively sell-through seasonal product on schedule to maximize financial performance.
  • Provides solution-generated optimal price recommendations to achieve business goals and adhere to corporate pricing policies.
  • Boost productivity with automated plan creation and execution leveraging default pricing rules, promotion settings and product life cycle dates.