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SAS® Master Data Management

Bring harmony to data discord and build a data-driven business.

With MDM, the payoff is big – but the process can be challenging. SAS gives you a solid start when it comes to preparing and managing traditional and big data sources. Our experts work to understand your goals, and then will suggest a phased approach for the most business value. The result? A complete solution that delivers a single view of your data, helps you make decisions you can trust and gets your entire enterprise on the same page.


Get the job done faster, with fewer resources.

Using a combination of industry know-how and organic technology built on the same platform, SAS Master Data Management helps you get up and running in a matter of months while working with your existing technology. It’s efficiency at its best.


Let the experts do the heavy lifting.

Too many organizations try to implement MDM on their own, and too many fail. SAS won’t let you make the same mistake. Our consultants help you assess your organization, lay the groundwork and then take a phased approach to get the job done the right way.

Start small – and build out as necessary.

By taking a phased approach to master data management, you can start with a modest program that can grow as needed. Prove your program’s value incrementally. Gradually get executive buy-in. And achieve success every step of the way.

Put data quality and data governance at the core.

We consider data quality and data governance to be the essence of a solid data management program, so we prioritize them, putting them at the center of everything we do. As a result, your data processes run as efficiently as possible on high-quality data.

Deliver a better customer experience.

When you have greater IT agility, better alignment with business value and clean, consistent data, it's easier to respond to customer needs – and help those customers experience their new possible.


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SAS Master Data Management
  • One data model, many master data domains. Create master data domains for party, organization, site, supplier, product, asset or other data entities.
  • Access big data and traditional sources. Access, integrate and publish data to sources such as Hadoop (via Apache Hive) and Impala, in addition to numerous traditional relational database engines.
  • Data quality over the entire data life cycle. Use built-in features for data access, profiling, address verification, data enrichment, transformation, cross-field entity matching and business rule monitoring.
  • Create more meaningful relationships. Create and visualize relationships with custom attributes and multi-domain hierarchies.
  • Built-in reporting and data visualization. Easily monitor your data – and view, edit and share information about the status and health of your MDM hub.
  • Source system harmonization. Gain more control over how data is prepared, managed, loaded and synchronized with the source system dashboard and tools.
  • Access role-based MDM interfaces from a common location. Data stewards can track critical data quality issues. Administrators can create new entities or monitor MDM source load processes. Business users can search entities or view and resolve pending remediation issues and reports.
  • Improved governance and lineage. Explore metadata relationships with the lineage visualization tool, and maintain business term consistency with the business glossary. Speed import of terms and relationships using CSV files and integrate with other applications faster via the exposed REST API. Create point-in-time snapshots of past business glossary terms to meet regulatory requirements.
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