SAS® 360 Engage Features


  • Provides a user-friendly interface for campaign activity, design, execution, segmentation and management.
  • Includes multichannel activity maps for creating interactions that span just a single channel.
  • Provides both a design and process gallery for three user types – editor, viewer and approver.
  • Lets you view messages, spots or offers from a central location via a consolidated message interface.
  • Ensures that the most up-to-date content is being used via status and versioning capabilities.
  • Provides full-screen design capabilities, with easily accessible panning, zooming, selection and layout tools.
  • Integrates SAS 360 Engage: Digital and SAS 360 Engage: Direct to leverage segments created using both cloud and on-site data.
  • Enables the inclusion of cross-channel customer journeys that include emails.
  • Triggers emails tied to events in SAS Customer intelligence 360, as well as external events.

Unmatched analytics

  • Enables advanced segmentation and analysis via drag-and-drop clustering.
  • Enables visual selection of criteria using pick lists and histograms at any entity level (e.g., household, customer, account, business) within a campaign.
  • Automatically selects statistically significant sample sizes to ensure proper control of group sizing.
  • Tracks analytical results in the common data model for reporting purposes.
  • Determines next-best product and performs market basket analysis to develop ideal product mixes.

Superior information management

  • Provides embedded data integration capabilities for addressing every aspect of managing customer data, from ETL to data quality.
  • Provides direct access to customer data at the enterprise level.
  • Lets you view response data and contact history data – allowing for easy campaign performance and effectiveness reporting.
  • Enables customization of the data structure so you can use your data more effectively.
  • Tracks user movement based on impression and/or conversation data.
  • Eliminates the need to move customer data into the cloud.
  • Delivers powerful reporting and data visualization capabilities to provide dashboards, interactive reports and self-service analytics.

Custom activity development

  • Lets you create activities as needed to address all client-specific processes.
  • Enables the creation of custom segments, messages, spots, events and tasks to engage customers in a true test-and-learn manner.
  • Lets you customize testing processes to accommodate champion/challenger and challenger/challenger content objectives.

Advanced segmentation & campaign capabilities

  • Allows you to create segments once for targeting across multiple channels.
  • Provides secure access to customer data directly from on-site data sources.
  • Lets you create suppression lists for easy reuse and compliance.
  • Includes tools for easily splitting segments into random groups to test different strategies.
  • Maximizes your budget by limiting the contactable universe to the highest-value customers.