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Arrive at optimal or near-optimal decisions using management science and simulation technologies

SAS operations research solutions bring together essential optimization, scheduling and simulation modeling capabilities in an integrated and adaptable environment. The depth of realism, control of processes and our integrated approach to data access and information delivery enables organizations to identify and distribute the best answers to complex planning problems.

Components of Operations Research Software

  • SAS/OR® – Optimize processes and address management science challenges with advanced mathematical optimization, project scheduling and operations research methods.  
  • SAS® Simulation Studio – Create, execute and analyze the results of discrete event simulation models.

How SAS® Is Different

  • Comprehensive and integrated analytics. Whether its optimization, forecasting, data mining or statistical analysis, SAS provides an integrated system so you avoid the hassle of dealing with multiple niche vendors. This eliminates the need for the manual interventions that is typical in cases where results must be reformatted as input to different kinds of analyses.
  • Extensive data access and cleansing capabilities. Because any analysis is only as good as the quality of data provided, SAS makes it easy to pick up data from spreadsheets, legacy systems or databases. You can also view the data before, after and during analysis so that the numbers being crunched are precisely the ones you intended to use.
  • Find the best solutions. SAS offers the industry's broadest available spectrum of operations research modeling and solution techniques, including state-of the art methods for mathematical optimization. This enables you to narrow choices to the best ones when there are many options to choose from.
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