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SAS Programming Master Class

- a focused way of learning SAS Programming

Classroom training mixed with labs and certification

Network & skills sharing with compeers


Framework overview

The framework of SAS Programming Master Class Training is based in the model 60:10:30

  • 60 percent of time spending is based on theory and knowledge acquisition (Classroom, Online Training, Business Concepts).
  • 10 percent of time spending of total learning is done through own reflection. Through discussion with other experts, people outside your own organization and colleagues in the corresponding business challenge / situation (Workshops, Group sessions, Analytics Lab).
  • 30 percent of learning takes place in the workplace, in own project / business challenge (Use case, Presentations, Analytics Lab).
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More detailed information in our overview brochure

Program content:

  • SAS Programming 1
  • SAS Programming 2
  • SAS Macro Programming
  • SAS SQL Programming
  • SAS Advanced Programming
  • SAS Certification Exams (Base & Advanced)
  • Case Studies
  • Analytic Lab
  • E-learning

Program outcome:

  • For the Organization
    • Get your workforce into SAS Programming fast
    • organizational SAS Programming focus
    • Talent Management for analytical talents
    • Modern way of learning (cost efficiency)
  • For the individual
    • Invest in your future
    • Strengthens your daily work with SAS
    • Get the knowledge of SAS programming fast
    • Assure your secondary skills for success
    • Network & skills sharing with compeers
    • Modern way of learning (flexible)



Classroom Training10 days
Case Studies/Real Case Learning4 days
Analytic Lab (optonally)10 halfdays
E-learning (optonally)5
Personal FANS membership6 months
Certification Exams2

For more information contact Marie Lienzén,

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