SAS Special Reports

In addition to award-winning sascom® magazine, you can now download complimentary special reports. Get articles from industry experts and find out how top companies are using technology to outmaneuver the competition.

Financial Services

Financial services: Smart moves, big results

Register now to download Financial services: Smart moves, big results, a special report that shows you who’s using analytics to improve their business top to bottom – and exactly how they did it. If you have questions, this report has answers:

  • Don’t know what to do with big data? Read about XL Insurance Group’s big data initiative on page 13.
  • Need to know your true risk exposure? Start analyzing data as it’s streaming in real time. Turn to page 9 to learn more.
  • Wondering how to keep fraud losses from eating into your bottom line? Turn to page 20 to find out how CNA Insurance prevented fraudulent claims totaling more than $2 million.
  • Want to deliver a unique customer experience? Turn to page 11 to find out how Banco do Brasil anticipates and meets each customer’s needs with targeted products and services.

Marketing Analytics

Marketing Analytics: How, why and what's next

Register now to download Marketing Analytics: How, why and what’s next, a SAS special report filled with practical tips for using analytics to improve marketing effectiveness.

Read this report to learn how marketers at eBay, Globe Telecom, Quarter Media and Gilt Groupe are using big data to make better decisions, create dynamic, relevant customer interactions across all channels – and improve marketing ROI.

For added convenience, you can access this digital magazine as an iPad® app, a traditional PDF or both – the choice is yours!

Topics include:

  • What the C-suite should know about analytics
  • Embracing big data can add years to a CMO's tenure
  • Social Media: Driving profits or just popularity?

High-Performance Analytics

Big data, bigger opportunities: High-performance analytics at the speed of right

Register now to download Big data, bigger opportunities, a SAS special report about using high-performance analytics to unlock the opportunities in big data. Read this report to learn how to use high-performance analytics to fight fraud, optimize merchandizing, improve credit risk – and more. Topics include:

  • Before-and-after makeovers with big data.
  • Visualizing billions of rows of data.
  • High-performance banking.
  • High-performance risk.

Small and midsize businesses (SMBs)

Analytics for all: Small and midsize businesses see big benefits with analytics

Register now to download Analytics for all, a SAS special report for small and midsize businesses. This report explores the pitfalls of relying on gut instinct, provides practical advice for engaging in analytics, and details case studies from SMBs that have done it. Topics include:

  • Big data: It's not just for big companies.
  • Spreadsheet danger: Don't let it ensnare your organization.
  • Getting started: Tips to put you on the road to data-based decision making.
  • Real life stories: Learn from SMBs that have made analytics work.


Imperatives for the new CIO: How to manage data and apply analytics for efficiency and change

Register now for CIO Insights, which shares strategies that help today’s CIO influence a more varied agenda than ever – from an organization’s IT operations to its profitability, customer service and impact on the environment. You’ll find a range of IT-related articles, including:

  • Running IT as a business: seven steps to aligning IT with the business.
  • Make the most of your analytic talent: Tips for establishing an analytic center of excellence.
  • Managing the data asset: How to treat your data like the high-value business asset it is.

Public Sector

Public sector, public trust: Epic challenges in a world of opportunities (full report)

Register now for Government Insights, which looks at the vast technology issues the public sector must confront and resolve in order to maintain – perhaps even enhance – the public trust. Topics include:

  • Sharpening defense logistics and mission readiness with analytics.
  • Safeguarding currency value in difficult times.
  • Combating and preventing cyber-attacks.
  • Increasing productivity with text analytics.
  • Making government more transparent.

Business Analytics

Brain Trust: Enabling the confident enterprise with business analytics

Register now for this 33- page special report packed with reasons why market-leading companies use business analytics to their competitive advantage. Filled with expert advice and research on how to base every organizational decision on facts, this report covers a range of topics, including:

  • Business analytics for industries and SMBs.
  • Examples of significant ROI at HSBC, Maine Medical Center and Poste Italiane Group.
  • Applying business analytics to processes.
  • Actions to get started.

Risk Management

Enterprise risk management: When weathering the storm is not enough

Register now for this 52-page special report to read global expert opinions about the key drivers to the global financial crisis, insights regarding impending global regulations, and recommendations for best practices to improve risk management capabilities.

You'll find a range of risk-related articles:

  • "Enterprise Risk Management: The Culture of the Future for Financial Services."
  • "Benchmarking the Quality of Risk Management from a Business-Centric Perspective."
  • "Moving from Stress Tests to Broader Scenario Analyses."
  • "Liquidity Risk in the Spotlight."


Crimes of financial passion: High-tech practices to beat enterprise fraudsters at their own game

Register now to access the entire 33-page special report full of expert best practices for combating fraud with analytics. The report also includes several case studies showing how leading financial institutions are receiving rapid returns on anti-fraud technology.

Topics include:

  • Analyzing social networks to identify crime rings.
  • Improving customer service with anti-fraud technology.
  • Keeping tabs on internal fraud risks.
  • Results from HSBC, Commonwealth Bank of Australia, BB&T and BBVA Bancomer.


Competing as a 21st Century Retailer: Maximizing profitability in a consumer-centric world (full report)

Register now for this special report, which provides in-depth analysis of business and technology practices for improving your corporate performance as a retailer, meeting customer needs, increasing profitability, and gaining competitive advantage. This report includes:

  • Opinion and analysis from seasoned financial analysts, executive officers and consultants with extensive international retail experience.
  • Results from leading retailers such as Office Depot, Parkson, Auto Zone and 1-800-FLOWERS.COM.
  • Articles geared toward the specific concerns of individual executive officers including CEO, CIO, CFO, CMO and EVP of Merchandising.

Health Insights

Better care, better system: Applying advanced analytics for improved efficiency and patient care (full report)

Register now for Health Insights, which shares how innovation and advanced analytics are critical initiatives for health care and pharmaceutical companies that want to survive in the 21st century. The creativity that will transform the system lies in the hearts and minds of dedicated professionals who already question the tried and true. This report includes:

  • Health analytics: creating a collaborative, cost-aware, outcomes-oriented system for the 21st century
  • Patient safety: measuring clinical performance
  • Social media: using advanced text analytics for smart social media strategies
  • Health care fraud: applying data integration and analytics to root out abuse in the system

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