With SAS® Analytics Leto Bank executes marketing campaigns faster, more efficiently

Leto Bank customers expect to receive marketing offers that are relevant to their lifestyle via the channel they prefer. Using a groundbreaking combination of risk management with analytical CRM capabilities from SAS, the bank can match customers with the perfect marketing campaign.

“Integrating risk and CRM analytics has helped us make informed decisions about which client groups and subgroups to market specific offers to,” said Olga Stepanova, Leto Bank's Chief Loan Officer. “The number of decisions made has increased, as we can now take into account all the risk assessment algorithms before we make an offer to the client."

Leto Bank is the first financial institution in Russia to combine marketing and risk information in SAS® Real-Time Decision Manager to automate the process of compiling customer lists for pre-approved loans for marketing campaigns. The solution uses rules set by the marketing and credit departments to ensure that customers meet the criteria for the pre-approved loan offers. This automated approach has helped Leto Bank optimize and accelerate the process of developing and launching target-oriented marketing campaigns by eradicating time-consuming, manual processes. Prior to implementing SAS it took the bank several days to compile a list for a campaign, and now Leto Bank can segment its customer database and send out the promotion the same day. SAS® Marketing Automation is used to execute the outbound marketing campaigns to the consumer. 

“We wanted to respond quickly to changes in the market, modify client evaluation algorithms, and quickly and accurately estimate target segments,” said Pavel Tulubyev, Leto Bank's Head of CRM. “Having considered several solutions, we chose SAS because of its expertise in both risk management and CRM, and its top-of-the-line analytical solutions for both.”

Specialists from GlowByte, a SAS Russia/Commonwealth of Independent States partner, helped implement SAS Marketing Automation and SAS Real-Time Decision Manager at Leto Bank.


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