SAS named as a leader in enterprise ETL by independent research firm

SAS® extract, transform and load capabilities within broad information management/data integration strategy

SAS was recently named as a leader for its data extraction, transformation and loading (ETL) technology in "The Forrester Wave™: Enterprise ETL, Q1 20121" by Forrester Research Inc. The report underscores SAS software's value to customers for its "strong capabilities in scalability, performance, connectivity and … a variety of integration options." 

"SAS Institute has significantly improved its product and strategy and thus raised its position in the Leader category," stated the Forrester report. 

"[SAS] support for Hadoop, ELT and various deployment options, databases and applications; improvements in transformation and integration techniques; and overall monitoring and administration have made a dramatic difference: It's a stronger high-end solution," according to the report. 

Within the ETL market, Forrester noted that SAS is a vendor that provides ETL functions as part of a "a bigger data management offering that includes database management, application development, data virtualization, data integration, enterprise information management (EIM), or BI."

"SAS support for ELT (extract, load, transform) scenarios – including unique support for a 'stream it, score it and store it' integration pattern – is particularly important now that enterprises are rapidly accumulating huge amounts of data in a trend known as 'big data.' These organizations are driven to analyze and find insights in the data, but managing such growing volume is a challenge that SAS has answered," said Jim Davis, SAS Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer. 

"SAS provides an integrated set of solutions, tools, methodologies and workflows that allow enterprises to manage valued data assets, whether big data or less-than-big data, to drive critical analytic processes and decision making," he said. "SAS Information Management helps customers analyze and pull value from their data for organizational success," Davis said. 

ETL capabilities are included in SAS® Enterprise Data Integration Server, a foundation for information management from SAS. ETL operations include extracting data from outside sources, transforming it to fit organizational needs, and loading it into a database or data warehouse for analytical or operational uses.

1. "The Forrester Wave™: Enterprise ETL, Q1 2012," Forrester Research Inc., February 27, 2012.


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