Best and brightest meet at Analytics 2012 conference in Cologne

Analytical experts exchange techniques and ideas, help data-driven organizations thrive

Training and professional connections, vendor contacts and exposure to award-winning analytics tools are all invaluable for strengthening and retaining analytics expertise. The latest in the world's largest analytics education conference series is Analytics 2012, to be held June 14-15 in Cologne, Germany. Analytics 2012 is sponsored by SAS, the leader in business analytics software and services. This conference is perfect for statisticians, analysts, forecasters and data miners – as well as managers and executives – to hear firsthand accounts about the business value of applied analytics and to adopt smart new ways to grow and optimize their business.

Analytics experts and professionals will exchange ideas, best practices, methodologies and new techniques in the fields of data mining, forecasting, text analytics, fraud detection, data visualization, predictive modeling, data optimization and operations research. To maximize value in this conference, June 11-13 pre-conference training classes offer attendees a fresh understanding of data mining, text mining, operations research and forecasting.

"Today's top organizations are looking for optimal ways to gain insights from big data, revealing previously unseen patterns, sentiments, and relationships," said Analytics 2012 keynote speaker Radhika Kulkarni. "Analytics 2012 will provide attendees with a unique opportunity to see how high-performance analytics empowers you to solve complex business problems on massive amounts of data. When problems that used to take hours can be solved in minutes, it changes the way companies do business – it is game-changing."

Four keynotes, 40 presentations, SAS Analytics demos, training, and vendor-sponsor booths in the exhibition hall are all part of this year's conference program. Bart Baesens of the Katholieke Universiteit Leuven (Belgium) and University of Southampton (UK); Radhika Kulkarni, VP of Advanced Analytics Development in SAS (US); and Sven F. Crone of the Lancaster University Management School and Lancaster Research Centre for Forecasting (UK) will present keynotes.

"With the burgeoning interest in analytics, the demand for analytic talent increases," said Jens Olivarius, Senior Director of Marketing and Communications for SAS Nordic Region. "Organizations need analytics pros to uncover practical intelligence from today's growing volume, velocity and variety of data. That's why organizations with strong analytic talent thrive in today's data-rich world."

Conference Chair Georg Morsing, Education Director at SAS Denmark, will join attendees for the Welcome Reception at Gaffel am Dom in the historic district to enjoy Cologne food and beverages. After networking sessions each night, attendees can explore Cologne's cultural offerings. Register for Analytics 2012 to begin planning your meetings.


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