SAS honored for helping Los Angeles County prevent fraud

Child care benefits fraud system, head of SAS® Analytics Lab receive Best Fit Integrator Awards

Business analytics leader SAS received two awards from the Center for Digital Government for excellence in meeting government’s unique needs and for visionary leadership. Los Angeles County’s Data Mining Solution (DMS) for Child Care Welfare Fraud Detection and SAS’ John Brocklebank were both honored with CDG Best Fit Integrator Awards. 

Fighting fraud in child care benefits

SAS and LA County together created the nation's first fraud-detection system in local government that uses advanced analytics, predictive models and social network analysis to detect and prevent fraud in public assistance programs. Using the SAS® Fraud Framework for Government, the system fights fraud perpetrated by participants and child care providers in the California Work Opportunity and Responsibility to Kids (CalWORKs) Stage 1 Child Care Program.

The DMS earned SAS the "Best Fit Integrator Award" in the Performance category. In addition to producing more than 200 additional referrals for child care fraud, it uncovered two conspiracy groups significantly earlier than traditional fraud detection procedures would have allowed. By spotting fraudulent activities sooner, early detection generates substantial savings.

LA County is expanding its successful efforts to fight fraud into the In-Home Supportive Services program.

"SAS has been a trusted adviser, instrumental in creating systems that empower investigators and save LA County time and money," said Michael J. Sylvester II, DPSS Assistant Director and Department Chief Information Officer. "Under Dr. John Brocklebank's leadership, the SAS team continues working with us to find new areas to combat fraud and build confidence in vital social programs."

Tackling government's unique challenges

Brocklebank received one of two 2012 CDG Best Fit Integrator Leadership Awards honoring private sector individuals who demonstrate vision, leadership and technology support.

Brocklebank stewards the SAS Analytics Lab for State and Local Government, where nearly 350 mostly doctoral-level SAS experts devise technology solutions to critical government issues, such as fraud, waste, tax collection, public safety and education.

Holder of nine issued patents, Brocklebank's deep understanding of statistics and SAS® Analytics fuels his ability to develop innovative solutions to government's unique challenges. Brocklebank led the creation of the SAS Fraud Framework for Government, which helps agencies at all levels of government battle misuse of government funds.

He oversees SAS' cloud-computing center, which hosts data for customers who lack the necessary hardware or analytics expertise in-house. Among other projects Brocklebank has guided:

  • North Carolina Office of the State Controller's Criminal Justice Law Enforcement Automated Data Services (CJLEADS), which provides instant access to information about suspects and convicted criminals for law enforcement and court personnel. Using CJLEADS, the state's Department of Insurance Criminal Investigations Division nabbed one of the state's largest staged accident rings, saving countless work hours in the process. CJLEADS information found 11 of 16 culprits in three counties, and three more already in prison.
  • A statewide SAS fraud detection system for the Louisiana Workforce Commission (LWC), which has collected more than $1.2 million of improperly avoided unemployment insurance taxes, plus penalty and interest.


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