SAS Joint Certificate Program

Academic institutions can work with SAS to integrate analytics into coursework.

The demand for the SAS certificate has exceeded our expectations. We see students from all different parts of campus – biology, political science, psychology and nursing. There’s a wide diversity of majors because what the courses teach is useful in so many fields. Jennifer Priestley Assistant Professor of Applied Statistics Kennesaw State University

We make it easy for colleges and universities to teach SAS – and prepare students for analytics careers.

The SAS Joint Certificate Program (JCP) helps universities prepare students to work in a data-rich business environment by teaching them SAS analytics, documenting their coursework, and giving them special recognition when they have shown excellence in using and applying the technology.

SAS will work closely with your institution to develop a JCP in a variety of areas of SAS expertise, typically as part of an existing degree program. Standalone, non-degree certificate proposals may also be considered. Your university administers the program, and SAS co-sponsors the certificate. Minimum requirements for credit hours and covered topics must be met.

University Responsibilities

  • Develop new courses or choose pre-existing ones for the JCP, which must include a minimum of 12 credit hours. At least half the courses must use SAS software. Students need to complete a project using real data as part of the certificate requirements.
  • Work with SAS to select a theme and title for the certificate.
  • Deliver course instruction, administer the program and verify that students have met certificate requirements.
  • Create and award the certificates.

SAS Responsibilities

  • Review and approve the syllabus and all proposed course content.
  • Collaborate on the certificate's theme and title.
  • Provide the SAS logo to your university for use on the certificates and related marketing materials.
  • Co-sign the certificates.
  • Recognize your university's certificate program by promoting it on SAS websites.

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