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Public Sector Analytics Solutions for Defense & National Security

Defense & National Security

How SAS Is Used in Defense & National Security

Enhance material readiness through predictive maintenance and logistics optimization.

Improve personnel readiness through analytics that delivers improved training, recruitment and retention.

Enable better strategic, operational and tactical situational awareness through enhanced analytics applied to intelligence.

Pinpoint security, immigration and health risks for cross-border movement of goods through the use of enhanced analytics.

Featured Customer

Lockheed Martin

Lockheed Martin uses artificial intelligence and IoT analytics from SAS to revolutionize maintenance and keep aircraft operational for crucial missions.

Our work with SAS has taken us from being a reactive sustainment organization to a proactive organization. Mike Isbill Lockheed Martin Fellow of Data Analytics

Lockheed Martin Facts & Figures


sensors on each C-130J


rows of data per flight hour


reduction in data cleanup time

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