Demand-Driven Forecasting: A Structured Approach to Forecasting, Second Edition

Demand-Driven Forecasting: A Structured Approach to Forecasting, Second Edition

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Publisher: John Wiley Sons Inc.
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Distinctive for its attention to practical demand forecasting challenges, Demand- Driven Forecasting, Second Edition is completely updated with a detailed look at improving the forecasting process to better meet customer demands. Author and demand forecasting leader Charles Chase presents both comprehensive coverage of statistical methods as well as how to apply them in practice within a demand-driven forecasting process using actual data and examples.

Featuring new case studies and examples, Demand-Driven Forecasting, Second Edition includes the contributions of the latest theoretical developments, while presenting current empirical findings and technology advancements. The new edition features new coverage on demand-shifting, nonseasonal and seasonal ARIMA models, transfer functions, cross-correlation function plots, and much more.

Essential reading for every professional responsible for forecasting and demand planning, Demand-Driven Forecasting, Second Edition provides you with proven processes, methodologies, and performance metrics you can apply immediately for significant improvement in forecast accuracy.


  • Epub ISBN# 978-1-11873-557-2
  • PDF ISBN# 978-1-11873-564-0
  • Hardcopy ISBN# 978-1-1186-6939-6
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