Economic and Business Forecasting: Analyzing and Interpreting Econometric Results

Economic and Business Forecasting: Analyzing and Interpreting Econometric Results

John E. Silvia
Azhar Iqbal
Kaylyn Swankoski
Sarah Watt
Sam Bullard
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Publisher: John Wiley Sons Inc.
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Discover the secrets to applying simple econometric techniques to improve forecasting. Equipping analysts, practitioners, and graduate students with a statistical framework to make effective decisions based on the application of simple economic and statistical methods, Economic and Business Forecasting offers a comprehensive and practical approach to quantifying and accurate forecasting of key variables. Using simple econometric techniques, the book focuses on a select set of major economic and financial variables, revealing how to optimally use statistical software as a template to apply to your own variables of interest.

Economic and Business Forecasting presents the economic and financial variables that offer unique insights into economic performance; highlights the econometric techniques that can be used to characterize variables; explores the application of SAS software, complete with simple explanations of SAS-code and output; and identifies key econometric issues with practical solutions to those problems.

Offering the "ten commandments" for economic and business forecasting, this book provides you with a practical forecasting framework you can use for important everyday business applications.


  • Hardcopy ISBN# 978-1-118-49709-8
  • Pages 388