Bank Fraud: Using Technology to Combat Losses

Bank Fraud: Using Technology to Combat Losses

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Publisher: John Wiley Sons Inc.
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Data intelligence has evolved over the years to become a very sophisticated scoring process. Bank Fraud: Using Technology to Combat Losses teaches loss prevention managers, fraud prevention professionals, and corporate security personnel how to effectively select and use the right technology to combat fraudulent activities in their business.

This book covers in detail all of the ingredients necessary to build and maintain a healthy fraud management environment, including a discussion of the history of fraud detection and prevention practices, the challenges of fraud detection in a financial services environment, corporate risk exposure and setting up a solid data environment, a discussion of exposure considerations and how to avoid losses, and statistical analysis and evaluating trends over time.

Bank Fraud examines the current technology to teach professionals how to properly plan, implement, and evaluate their loss prevention systems and find modern solutions for age-old fraudulent activity. It is a new take on finding the right data environment for the business and applying it correctly to ensure the best security results over time.


  • Hardcopy ISBN# 978-0-470-49439-4
  • Pages 192