Business Transformation: A Roadmap for Maximizing Organizational Insights

Business Transformation: A Roadmap for Maximizing Organizational Insights

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Publisher: John Wiley Sons Inc.
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Is your organization getting maximum value from its data? Organizations should use information to set strategies and accomplish business objectives. However, many struggle to embed this process into their organization's DNA. Business Transformation: A Roadmap for Maximizing Organizational Insights helps CEOs, CFOs, CMOs, CIOs, and business leaders better understand how to promote business analytics within their organizations and use it to develop a roadmap for success.

SAS has developed an Information Evolution Model (IEM) to aid organizations in assessing how they use information to drive business. The goal of Business Transformation is to explain how IEM can be used, together with analytics, to develop successful strategies. The key is aligning the organization's pillars to evolve the maturity level of organizations.

Today's global economy requires that predictive analytics and forecasting play a more active role in decision-making. This book provides not only best practices in managing and analyzing data, but also real-world examples from global organizations that have successfully completed this transformation into using business analytics in a more proactive, powerful way. Zeid argues persuasively that you can't just bring in technology to solve your business problems and expect it to do all of the work. But rather, you must have the infrastructure capabilities, the skilled resources, the information processes, and the cultural commitment to derive the most value from your data.

Business Transformation teaches business leaders to align their resources and develop a fact-based and analytically driven environment. It provides the blueprint organizations need to understand business insight, harness its power, and then develop a roadmap to transform their organization for success in today's digital economy.


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