Preparing Data for Analysis with JMP®

Preparing Data for Analysis with JMP®

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Publisher: SAS Institute
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Access and clean up data easily using JMP®!

Data acquisition and preparation commonly consume approximately 75% of the effort and time of total data analysis. JMP provides many visual, intuitive, and even innovative data-preparation capabilities that enable you to make the most of your organization's data.

Preparing Data for Analysis with JMP® is organized within a framework of statistical investigations and model-building and illustrates the new data-handling features in JMP, such as the Query Builder. Useful to students and programmers with little or no JMP experience, or those looking to learn the new data-management features and techniques, it uses a practical approach to getting started with plenty of examples. Using step-by-step demonstrations and screenshots, this book walks you through the most commonly used data-management techniques that also include lots of tips on how to avoid common problems.

With this book, you will learn how to:


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