Fundamentals of Predictive Analytics with JMP®

Fundamentals of Predictive Analytics with JMP®

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Publisher: SAS Institute
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Fundamentals of Predictive Analytics with JMP bridges the gap between courses on basic statistics, which focus on univariate and bivariate analysis, and courses on data mining/predictive analytics. This book provides the technical knowledge and problem-solving skills needed to perform real data multivariate analysis. Utilizing JMP 10 and JMP Pro, this book offers new and enhanced resources, including an add-in to Microsoft Excel, Graph Builder, and data mining capabilities.

Written for students in undergraduate and graduate statistics courses, this book first teaches students to recognize when it is appropriate to use the tool, to understand what variables and data are required, and to know what the results might be. Second, it teaches them how to interpret the results, followed by step-by-step instructions on how and where to perform and evaluate the analysis in JMP.

With the new emphasis on business intelligence, business analytics and predictive analytics, this book is invaluable to everyone who needs to expand their knowledge of statistics and apply real problem-solving analysis.

This book is part of the SAS Press program.


  • Epub ISBN# 978-1-62959-787-4
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