Categorical Data Analysis Using SAS®, Third Edition

Categorical Data Analysis Using SAS®, Third Edition

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Publisher: SAS Institute
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Statisticians and researchers will find Categorical Data Analysis Using SAS, Third Edition, by Maura Stokes, Charles Davis, and Gary Koch, to be a useful discussion of categorical data analysis techniques as well as an invaluable aid in applying these methods with SAS. Practical examples from a broad range of applications illustrate the use of the FREQ, LOGISTIC, GENMOD, NPAR1WAY, and CATMOD procedures in a variety of analyses. Topics discussed include assessing association in contingency tables and sets of tables, logistic regression and conditional logistic regression, weighted least squares modeling, repeated measurements analyses, loglinear models, generalized estimating equations, and bioassay analysis.

The third edition updates the use of SAS/STAT software to SAS/STAT 12.1 and incorporates ODS Graphics. Many additional SAS statements and options are employed, and graphs such as effect plots, odds ratio plots, regression diagnostic plots, and agreement plots are discussed. The material has also been revised and reorganized to reflect the evolution of categorical data analysis strategies. Additional techniques include such topics as exact Poisson regression, partial proportional odds models, Newcombe confidence intervals, incidence density ratios, and so on.

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  • Pages 590
  • Replaces Categorical Data Analysis Using the SAS® System, Second Edition