Biostatistics Using JMP®: A Practical Guide

Biostatistics Using JMP®: A Practical Guide

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Publisher: SAS Institute
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Analyze your biostatistics data with JMP!

Trevor Bihl's Biostatistics Using JMP: A Practical Guide provides a practical introduction on using JMP, the interactive statistical discovery software, to solve biostatistical problems. Providing extensive breadth, from summary statistics to neural networks, this essential volume offers a comprehensive, step-by-step guide to using JMP to handle your data.

The first biostatistical book to focus on software, Biostatistics Using JMP discusses such topics as data visualization, data wrangling, data cleaning, histograms, box plots, Pareto plots, scatter plots, hypothesis tests, confidence intervals, analysis of variance, regression, curve fitting, clustering, classification, discriminant analysis, neural networks, decision trees, logistic regression, survival analysis, control charts, and metaanalysis.

Written for university students, professors, those who perform biological/biomedical experiments, laboratory managers, and research scientists, Biostatistics Using JMP provides a practical approach to using JMP to solve your biostatistical problems.


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