Applied Data Mining for Forecasting Using SAS®

Applied Data Mining for Forecasting Using SAS®

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Publisher: SAS Institute
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Applied Data Mining for Forecasting Using SAS, by Tim Rey, Arthur Kordon, and Chip Wells, introduces and describes approaches for mining large time series data sets. Written for forecasting practitioners, engineers, statisticians, and economists, the book details how to select useful candidate input variables for time series regression models in environments when the number of candidates is large, and identifies the correlation structure between selected candidate inputs and the forecast variable.

This book is essential for forecasting practitioners who need to understand the practical issues involved in applied forecasting in a business setting. Through numerous real-world examples, the authors demonstrate how to effectively use SAS software to meet their industrial forecasting needs.

This book is part of the SAS Press program.


  • Epub ISBN# 978-1-62959-799-7
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