The DS2 Procedure: SAS® Programming Methods at Work

The DS2 Procedure: SAS® Programming Methods at Work

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Publisher: SAS Institute
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The issue facing most SAS programmers today is not that data space has become bigger (“Big Data”), but that our programming problem space has become bigger. Through the power of DS2, this book shows programmers how easily they can manage complex problems using modular coding techniques.

The DS2 Procedure: SAS Programming Methods at Work outlines the basic structure of a DS2 program and teaches you how each component can help you address problems. The DS2 programming language in SAS 9.4 simplifies and speeds data preparation with user-defined methods, storing methods and attributes in shareable packages, and threaded execution on multicore symmetric multiprocessing (SMP) and massively parallel processing (MPP) machines. This book is intended for all BASE SAS programmers looking to learn about DS2; readers need only an introductory level of SAS to get started. Topics covered include introductions to Object Oriented Programming methods, DATA step programs, user-defined methods, predefined packages, and threaded processing.


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