The SAS® Workbook

The SAS® Workbook

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Publisher: SAS Institute
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Learn by doing as you work through the programming problems offered in this unique book! Beginning with problems related to the DATA step, moving to elementary and then advanced exercises on frequently used SAS procedures, and also covering problems in statistical analysis, the book offers challenges for beginning, intermediate, and advanced programmers. Students, teachers, and trainers will be able to work with Base SAS procedures such as FORMAT, PRINT, TABULATE, and PLOT; solve simple descriptive statistics problems as well as those using the FREQ, TTEST, GLM, ANOVA, and NPAR1WAY procedures; and have fun with some SAS brainteasers in the book's last section. Each chapter gives readers a good start on solving the problem by providing directions and hints about useful programming tools. As a service to our educational market, look for The SAS Workbook Solutions sold separately.

This book is part of the SAS Press program.


  • PDF ISBN# 978-1-62959-661-7
  • Hardcopy ISBN# 978-1-55544-757-1
  • Pages 254