The How-To Book for SAS/GRAPH® Software

The How-To Book for SAS/GRAPH® Software

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Publisher: SAS Institute
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If you've ever stuffed "cheat sheets" into your reference documentation to guide you through specific tasks that the book never describes in detail, you'll appreciate the approach of The How-To Book for SAS/GRAPH Software. Self-contained chapters lead you through tasks that SAS/GRAPH software users typically need to perform. Author Thomas Miron includes many graphical examples and programs and helps you interpret the steps your SAS code follows to produce results. Readers with basic SAS/GRAPH software experience who are looking for tips on particular tasks or computing problems will easily find just the sections they need. The book is also an ideal resource for students who need an example-packed supplement to their computing textbooks.

This book is part of the SAS Press program.


  • Hardcopy ISBN# 978-1-55544-233-0
  • Pages 304