Social Network Analysis in Telecommunications

Social Network Analysis in Telecommunications

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Publisher: John Wiley Sons Inc.
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Carlos Andre Reis Pinheiro's Social Network Analysis in Telecommunications looks at social network analysis theory, employing basic statistics as a complementary way to analyze social networks. Case studies are presented demonstrating the capabilities of SAS in achieving business results. Drawing from the author's years of experience with Brasil Telecom, this book provides the groundwork for what social network analysis is, as well as how your company can leverage it to its greatest advantage; shows how telecommunications industry professionals can combine social network analysis, analytics, and marketing knowledge to create a positive customer experience; explores how telecommunications companies can effectively enhance their relationships with customers; and reveals the tools that can be used to address social network problems.

Social Network Analysis in Telecommunications presents a workable framework and proven strategies for establishing an effective customer relations process. With a greater focus on the mathematical side of network analysis rather than the statistical perspective, this book enables your business to successfully solve its social network business issues to move forward with, and keep ahead of, the field.


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