Competing on Analytics: The New Science of Winning

Competing on Analytics: The New Science of Winning

Thomas Davenport
Jeanne G. Harris
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Publisher: Harvard Business Review Press
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You have more information at hand about your business environment than ever before. But are you using it to "out-think" your rivals? If not, you may be missing out on a potent competitive tool.

In Competing on Analytics: The New Science of Winning, Thomas H. Davenport and Jeanne G. Harris argue that the frontier for using data to make decisions has shifted dramatically. Leading companies are doing more than just collecting and storing information in large quantities. They're now building their competitive strategies around data-driven insights that, in turn, generate impressive business results. Their secret weapon? Analytics: sophisticated quantitative and statistical analysis and predictive modeling supported by data-savvy senior leaders and powerful information technology.

Why compete on analytics? At a time when companies in many industries offer similar products and use similar technology, distinctive business processes count among the last remaining points of differentiation. Many previous bases for competition, such as geographical advantage or protective regulation, have been eroded by globalization. Proprietary technologies are rapidly copied, and break-through innovations in products or services are increasingly difficult to achieve.

That leaves three things as the basis for competition: efficient and effective execution, smart decision making, and the ability to wring every last drop of value from business processes, all of which can be gained through sophisticated use of analytics. Davenport and Harris show how industry leaders of analytics are using new tools to identify their most profitable customers and offer them the right price, to accelerate product innovation, to optimize supply chains, and to identify the true drivers of financial performance. A wealth of examples--from organizations as diverse as Boston Red Sox, Netflix, Amazon, Cemex, Capital One, Harrah's Entertainment, Procter & Gamble, and Best Buy--are using new tools to trump rivals. Through analytics, these companies identify their most profitable customers, accelerate product innovation, optimize supply chains and pricing, and identify the true drivers of financial performance.

A timely, much-needed resource, Competing on Analytics promises to rewrite the rules of competition.


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