JMP Connections: The Art of Utilizing Connections in Your Data

JMP Connections: The Art of Utilizing Connections in Your Data

John Wubbel
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Publisher: John Wiley Sons Inc.
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JMP Connections, by John Wubbel, is your turnkey solution for quickly producing the actionable business intelligence from your organization’s raw data that results in high-performance decision making.

Interpreting data is the key to optimizing the everyday mechanics of business and unearthing the profitable opportunities unseen in the siloed areas of your company. This pioneering resource puts corporate leaders and data analysts on the same page with a transformative model for sophisticated analysis, including predictive modeling and cross-validation techniques. See your business operations with fresh eyes by gaining proficiency in the most profitable business-oriented data discovery tool available from an industry leader in data analytics; easily making the leap from page to practice with ready-to-use formulas, up-to-date screenshots, and sample code; and preparing yourself for what’s ahead with practical guidance from a case model illustrating the seven-section framework behind the JMP Connections platform.

The data of your business shows what needs to happen to run more efficiently, and JMP Connections gives you everything you need to see it.


  • Epub ISBN# 978-1-119-45372-7
  • PDF ISBN# 978-1-119-45374-1
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  • Pages 240